Dear Future Self,

Dear Future Self,


I hope all your dreams come true and you continue to work everyday towards achieving any goal you pursuit.

I hope you light every room you walk into, and all those meditation classes help you shine.

I hope you’ve finally learned that sometimes is good to be clueless about the future. Remember that not being in the present only makes you anxious, you know that.

I hope you’ve now understood that there are times when people walk in and out of your life without a reason. Just remember that either you’re making an impact on those people life, or you’re learning a lesson. Keep on learning the lessons.

I hope you’ve learned to love yourself first in order for others to love you. Never forget that happy girls are the prettiest.

I hope you’ve made it to Milan. I hope you’ve kept your promise.

I hope the list of “Things to do before 30” it’s almost done. Do you remember the first one you crossed out was “Watch the sunrise in the Brooklyn Bridge”? Well, I hope you’re almost finished with that list.

I hope you’ve finally learned that sometimes is good to let go and start again and that no matter what, you will always connect the dots looking backwards, not forward. Can you see that now?

I hope you’ve continued dyeing your hair in different colors. Remember life’s too short to give a damn about what people say. Be you.

I hope you’ve kept on getting up early everyday for those yoga classes. You know going to the gym is the best way to find peace of mind (and be able to eat those extra-chocolate brownies during the weekend.)

I hope you are now finished reading all those books. I know it seemed like an impossible task, but remember that every time you finish, you start seeing the world with new eyes.

I hope you’re still that daydreaming girl, with thousands of goals and dreams. I hope you keep on dreaming because that’s what makes you unique.

I hope you keep on finding inspiration in everything you do and everyone you meet. Remember a writer is the sum of their experiences. Go out there; experience all. Live life.

But mostly, I hope you’ve found love.

I hope you never give up finding love. In everything you do, in every sunset over Manhattan, in every person that crosses your path. Don’t stop looking. Don’t stop believing.

Love, yourself.