New hair, new me!

back to basics with marie lou & d 

I know that every single one of you has been following my colorful hair transformations. To be honest, it was amazing! from platinum blonde to rainbow hair, I enjoyed them all.

The truth is you have to take care of your hair in order to resist so many colors. I arrived to the point where I couldn’t do anything to my hair because it was really damaged. 

So after all the pink, purple and rainbow colors, the only thing left to do was to give it a break. I had to stay with a really sad blonde for a long time, 6 months to be precise. 

I wasn’t feeling myself at all, but with some updo’s, braids or ponytails you can always make it work.

I knew about Marie Lou & D salon because I used to live across the street from them in SoHo. When they contacted me for a collaboration I was really excited (my hair too! lol!)

At the beginning I was a little bit scared to do anything to my hair but I decided to give it a try. 

I arrived to their beautiful salon in SoHo and Joseph Mullen, colorist of Marie Lou & D, gave me a really honest review about my current hair situation. I wasn’t really planing to go back to my natural hair color but I knew I could trust him the instant I saw him tangling with my hair.

And I wasn’t wrong at all. He was so professional and knew exactly what he was doing. I know it sounds cliche to be giving you this feedback but I’m telling you this because I’ve been to many places where its obvious they have no idea what they are doing especially when their face expression is completely clueless.

He explained me the whole process before beginning.

He was letting me know step by step of the process and after he was finished, my hair and I were screaming “Thank you!!!” It looked so much better and super healthy that it didn’t even need trimming. 

It was as if I was back to life! Back to normal, natural and the best version of myself. Joseph told me before he started that just by going back to my natural color, my hair was going to look so much healthier and he was right.

I loved the service, I loved the location and I loved the champagne that calmed my nerves. 

I’m really grateful to everyone at Marie Lou & D for taking care of my hair, (which was a big mess when I walked in) and for giving me back my natural hair without damaging it and making me feel fabulous again.

If you are curious to know the process step by step, Joseph wrote it down for all of you:

"For Andrea we decided to take her back to her roots with a more natural but interesting version of her natural color. Her hair was a bit over processed from previous bleach and tones. I took her from an over processed green gold blonde to a rich version of her natural color which gives the hair a healthier appearance which was her biggest concern. I filled in her hair by replacing the underlying natural pigment and then recolored her hair with two different Browns. I used a deep cool brown for the base and used a lighter warmer brown to add splashes of light throughout. The lighter brown splashes of color reflect more light and add layers of interest to the hair without it being so "highlighted" looking and adds a rich yet natural complexity. It was a pleasure working with Andrea." - @josephmullen Creative Colorist

So if you are thinking on doing a makeover, go ahead! Do it! I encourage you to take the chance but only let experts like Joseph handle your hair. I'm so happy I finally found a place in New York where I know they are going to take care of my hair and bring out the best version of me. 

Here you can find all the info and a little gift... 15% off! for your next visit to Marie Lou & D salon in SoHo. Send me all your pics with your new hair! Can’t wait!

Marie Lou & D

Stylist: Joseph Mullen Creative Colorist 

345 West Broadway NY, NY 10013 

(212) 390-8666

Promo code: DEARMILANOMLD = 15% off!