I look at my phone and I see 5:55, again. For the last year, I've been noticing numbers everywhere around me. It started with 11:11 and now series of 5's appear everywhere I go.

My endless curiosity and need to google the spiritual meaning of everything brought me to this website where I learned that numbers are the way the universe try to communicate with us.

Most of the times, we are so disconnected from ourselves that we don't notice these signs and listen to their guidance. I listened this time and the meaning behind 555 is: change.

"There are significant changes that will happen very soon that will bring you closer to fulfilling your life's mission. It's time to let go of the things that are no longer working for you, and to replace them with better ones. Know that some of these changes may not make sense, but trust that they will all fall into place. Changes will not come without challenges, but when you overcome them you find your genuine happiness."

I feel change happening to me right now more than ever. I have this constant need of learning and growing and becoming the best version of myself. I'm letting go, releasing and allowing change to happen.

Embracing change means transformation.

Is letting go of the old to make room for the new.

Looking back, the first time I've ever experienced change was when I was 7 years old and my mom told me my dad passed away.

Change was happening and it was irreversible. Change was sad, it wasn’t fair. It was unexpected and it made me so angry. But as I grew older and accepted the fact that my father was never coming back, I learned how to live with change. A change I didn’t ask, a change that changed me forever but made me become the strong woman I am today.

I've learned how to love change even when I'm too afraid to face it. To subtract the hidden blessing out of every change.

To change is to trust.

To change is to live.

To change is to wake up.

It means transformation into a better version of yourself, a wiser one and its the only road to grow.

It's standing in front of the mirror without hiding. It's to face what sometimes we don't want to face.

The more we resist change, the more it persists.

Change bring us closer to our divine destiny and soul mission. It's through it that we allow the best version of ourselves to shine.

What does change mean to you?


Photo by Felipe Espinal.