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As many of you already know, my skincare routine is priority in my daily life. A lot of you ask me how I take care of my skin while traveling at the same time, and it’s really funny that I don’t mind traveling with only two pair of shoes, but my beauty products? There’s no way I’m leaving them home!

I partnered up with Shiseido to try the winner of 114 international beauty awards, Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and the Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream. For the last week, this powerful duo helped me survive my trip to Mexico City + 3 beauty photo shoots. 

My day is so hectic between photo shoots and events, that by the time I finish the day, the only thing I want to do is enjoy 15 minutes to take care of my skin. Using Ultimune helps anything you put on top of it, like moisturizer or serum, work harder. So I’ve been using Ultimune first as a pre-serum to defend my skin against damage and aging and the Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream after, to moisturize my skin and leave it glowing, ready for the photo shoot. 

The coolest part is that using Ultimune first helps boost the effects of the Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream.I don’t have to spend hours pampering my skin with only adding Ultimune before, paving the way for quick and strong results. With this powerful duo, my routine is more efficient and I know I’m getting the most out of my skincare routine. 

For the last week, I’ve noticed instant benefits from using Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate + Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream, like even-toned, glowing skin and the diminishing of redness and visible pores from my travels. 

I’m sharing with you a step-by-step guide, plus some good beauty/skincare advice that never fails so you can join me and try it at home. 


1.          Drink enough water. Beautiful skin comes inside out and the first step I always share with my girlfriends is that any skincare product will totally work best if you start by hydrating the skin. Remember, inside out. 

2.          Clean your skin. At least twice a day, morning and night, wash your face and remove any impurity and makeup from the day. 

3.          Prepare/Boost skin. After leaving your skin 100% clean, use the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate as a one-of-a-kind boosting pre-treatment to defend your skin against multiple signs of aging/damage, and of course, to boost the effects of your skincare regimen. 

4.          Moisturize skin. Apply the Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream to moisturize skin and diminish the appearance of redness, dullness, discoloration, visible pores and wrinkles. You will get beautifully even-toned, glowing skin. For better results use each morning and evening.


You guys followed my #30DaysWithNoMakeup challenge during Fashion Week. After doing it, I realized how important it is to take care of my skin and use products that help boost and hydrate my skin quickly. I’ve visited more than 5 countries in less than 4 months, and with each flight, my skin gets damaged and dehydrated. Now that I’m trying my Ultimune and Bio-Performance Glow Revival Cream, I have piece of mind knowing my skin is ready for my next adventure. 

Having a camera so close to your face with no makeup can be scary (believe me…), but photos are louder than words, so check out the results and give me your comments. Are you ready to try this power duo? 


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