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Andrea Perez1 Comment

noun: synchronicity

1.     The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

After spending several weeks thinking about him she decided to lower her high hopes and put an end to it. It seemed surreal to be unable to get him out of her mind.

And there she was, walking back home in the middle of the night daydreaming about how their encounter would be. Her crazy thoughts made her laugh. 800 languages, nearly 14,000 taxis, 8.4 million people and she just wanted to see one person.

And in the middle of nowhere, she suddenly looked up and there he was. That was the beginning and end of everything.

She was finally forced to consider the question: “Where does chance end and synchronicity begin?” In other words, how does one differentiate between random events and meaningful ones? The answer came in a dream that shocked her awake. “Nothing happens by chance. It’s all synchronicity.”

Have you ever experienced perfect timing, a moment when everything just seems to fall into place? For a moment, we step out of the random chaos and find that all forces are aligned with nothing pre-planned and yet, all is in order. Events come together with such exactitude; it feels as if we have been launched onto a pre-ordained course. We can't stop thinking about someone and we run into them on the street. That is synchronicity, a state of grace.